Monday, October 3, 2011

baby hats galore!

Here are just some of the baby hats I've been working on :)

WIPs - Baby Hats - Knit & Crochet
I particularly love the munchkin hats.  I've made a couple before and it gets easier every time, especially now that I've switched to the magic loop method.  In the past, I've added pom-poms to the end, but this time opted for a tassle.  It was really easy to make (I've never made a tassle before) and I think it looks great!

Just need to finish up some toddler hats and diaper covers to match the football and baseball hats and this order will be done.  I completed the girl's toddler hat last night and have to make a flower for it before starting the boy's.  Haven't figure out what I'm doing for that yet, but I did buy an awesome pattern over the weekend to make those owl hats we've all seen floating around.  So maybe I'll get creative.

And another week begins...
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