Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three months later, my hubby has a hat!

Way, way back when (October of 2010), my lucky husband celebrated our first anniversary by going yarn shopping at an upscale shop.  Okay, so that's not all we did, but it would be pretty awesome if he was enthusiastic about me buying yarn.

I picked up just a couple things:


I let him pick out a yarn he liked for me to make him a hat, and of course I can't walk away with nothing for me :)  So I bought some pretty purpley-pink chunky yarn and a pattern booklet that claimed you could make an entire hat from just one ball of the stuff.

My yarn was called Schulana Grand, and when it says it's chunky, it really means it!  It's also not cheap, either.  Check out that wonderful $22.50 price tag.  But it was my anniversary, so I figured it was okay.


Hubby, on the other hand, picked out some grey Plymouth Yarn Encore Tweed:


Fast-forward about three months, and I finally got around to knitting our winter hats.  Hubby has been freezing his head off since December, but with all the last-minute Christmas projects and custom orders, I never got around to it :(.  Luckily, he didn't take much offense to it.  He only reminded me about it every waking moment.

I'm happy to say they're done and wonderful!  I wish I'd have made his hat longer, but what can you do?  I even added an extra 1/2" to the darn thing.  Oh, well.

Here's my finished hat!  The yarn so was so thick, and it was only a 2-stitch cable, that I didn't even need a cable needle.  I was able to just wrap the stitch around my thumb before knitting it off.  Pretty easy.  But I have to admit all those cables started driving me nuts!



Click here for project details over on Ravelry.

And here's Hubby's:



Click here for project details over on Ravelry!

I'm spending most of my week studying a crap-ton for my classes and some studying for an exam at work.  I basically have no life for the next three days.  But before I go to bed each night, I've been taking an hour to work on some new commissions I've brought in, one of which is a knitted brimmed hat for my hairdresser!  I bought canvas for the brim two weekends ago, so I'm excited and kind of nervous to experiment.  If anyone has any tips for making a brim, feel free to share :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long time no blog - here's a necklace and a headband!

Well hello!  It's been awhile.  As you can probably guess, my classes are back in full-swing.  Nothing like coming off a busy holiday month into a busy schoolwork session.  The joys!

Anyway, I'm here to show off a couple projects I've been working on, but definitely not all of them.  I still have a Traveling Scarf to finish, not to mention I made Hubby a hat out of some yarn I let him pick out during our anniversary trip to the Poconos.  That was back in October, and I only got to making it two weeks ago.  "The shoemaker's children have no shoes" kinda thing.

Anyway, here's a necklace I crocheted a friend of mine for Christmas:




We finally did our exchange this past weekend, so I can post photos at long last!  Yeesh.  I think I want to make one of these for myself.  I kind of fell in love with the colors :)

Also, another friend of mine and I are doing an exchange: I'm making her a headband and she's making me one of her necklaces (which are super pretty and way different than mine).  Here's the prototype of the headband I made her:

Prototype for a new headband design :)

I apologize for the awful photo, but it was late at night and I wanted to send her a photo to make sure it's what she wanted!  I made the button hole a wee bit big, which I didn't realize until I had already attached the button, so I may frog everything to get back to that point and fix it.  It just bothers me way too much, haha, but I think overall it looks really cute!  So you can all look forward to a pattern of this soon.

And please, can someone actually hold me accountable for writing out this pattern?  So many times I say I'll write the pattern and just never get around to it.  Feel free to kick me in the behind or send me nastygrams via email or in the comments.

More to come soon!  I hope you're all enjoying the new year.  I'll leave you with this quote we should all start using on our craft projects:

"This ______ is handmade.  If you throw it away, those same hands will make a doll in your likeness and stick pins in its butt."
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