Note: I am currently working on getting all my patterns converted to attractive PDFs available for download on Craftsy.  I'd love to have these available to you before the New Year, so keep checking back!  In the meantime, each pattern on my blog has a "Print" icon and can be converted to a slightly unattractive PDF :)  Thanks for your patience!

Below is a list of links to patterns I have written.  Some are free and some need to be purchased.

Please remember that it is A-OK for you to sell anything from my patterns; however, it would be greatly appreciated if you could attribute the pattern to me :)  I'd be super grateful if you also linked to the website, but if not, a simple credit to me for writing the pattern will suffice.  Please do not claim these designs are your own!  Also, you may not sell these patterns.

Free Patterns

Really Easy Slouchy Beanie

Free Crochet Pattern: Easy and Pretty Headband with Button

Free Halloween Crochet Pattern: Mini Witch Hat

No-Sew Crochet Easter Basket

Twilight - Bella Swan's La Push Hat (inspired by the less chunky, more front-post-y version Bella wears to La Push in the Twilight movie)

The Whitney Headband (inspired by the chunkier Anthropologie original worn by Whitney Port in an episode of The City)

Hugs & Kisses Knitting Chart - perfect for knitting in the round (as was my intention with this for a hat) or for embellishing.

Spiral Crochet Hat Pattern - not super proud of this project, but some of the results have been pretty, so I'm leaving it up :)

Purchasable Patterns

Wavy Zig-Zag Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern
Crochet ZIg-Zag Hat

Crochet Fingerless Gloves & Arm warmers (gauntlets) - these came out super cute, and are perfect for those cold days in the office when you need to type, but have cold arms... kinda like me!
Long Fitted Fingerless Gloves & Arm Warmers
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