Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ravelympics Slackage

Just so we're all aware, this is what happens every time I try to take pictures of anything.  Especially if I have to do it on the floor.

That is a lovely photo of my current UFO.  It's been that way for almost a year.  I've recently decided to revisit it (which I never do - I'm the queen of starting projects, storing them away, then throwing them out a couple years later when I move just because I can't stand to look at it anymore) and completed the second panel over the weekend.  Why?  For Ravelympics!

The pattern is Frosted Waves, by the ever-so-talented Robyn Chachula.  I started it last April, and since then it's been sitting patiently in my craft corner basket, just waiting to be completed.  I can't remember why I stopped, but knowing me, it was because I started another project.  I've wanted to pick it back up a couple times since then, but was afraid to since I wasn't sure I'd remember where I left off last.

But after reading through the pattern again and ripping back a row or two, I finally figured it out.  I'm actually almost done with the first sleeve at the moment, though I had to frog almost the entire thing after realizing my gauge has changed in the past year.  The pattern calls for an H hook.  I had been using a G for the sweater's body, but ended up using an F for the sleeves.  Crazy.  I usually have problems with my gauge being too tight.  Maybe all the knitting I've been doing lately has loosened me up!  Haha.

Anyway, here's a shot of the front and back panels, sans kitties:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Headband Giveaway Winner!

Drumroll please...

Congratulations to Rachel, who would like a navy blue or charcoal headband!  (I could totally make an awesome navy blue one, which is a color I haven't done yet, so just let me know :P).  Make sure to check out her really cute blog when you get a chance - as if I needed another blog to follow, but it's super adorable.  And how excited am I that she's fairly local to me?

Snow gods willing (and oh, how they are willing this month!), I should be able to complete this in time to mail it out with my usual packages Saturday morning.  I hope you love it :D

Thanks so much to everyone who participated.  I was floored at the amount of excited entries I received throughout the past two weeks.  Because I couldn't just let you all off the hook...

Everyone who entered the contest will receive $5 OFF a custom Whitney Headband.  Normally $15, you can get yours for $10 (plus shipping costs)!  If you ladies are interested, simply email me with the color you'd like.  Once completed, I'll list the headband in my etsy shop for you to purchase.

Once again, thank you all!  I'm looking forward to my next contest.  Hmmm... maybe once I reach 50 purchases in my shop?  Or 100 Facebook fans?  So many options :)

Also, being that it was just Valentine's Day, I'd like to take this time to upset everyone who posted their anti-Valentine's hate spew on Facebook yesterday by declaring my love for my super supportive, fairly new hubby.  If anything, I keep him around because he has yet to throw out my yarn or create a huge knot it in when moving it out of his way, and he's letting me have a craft room in the new house.  Without him, I'd have nobody to hate the world with on a continual basis, which keeps me sane.  And he makes me chicken parmesan for Valentine's Day, a huge feat for someone who gets nauseous at the mere sight of cheese.  He's the bestest ever!  You can all vomit at our cuteness now:

Friday, February 5, 2010

Swap Hat = Done! (But shhhhh)

Once again, if you are my swap partner, do not click the "read more" link :)

Also, how cool am I for figuring out this whole "jump break" stuff in Blogger?  I think I'm pretty cool.

In other, not-so-secretive crafty news, projects abound at our apartment (oh, how I wish I could say house already!).  I'm afraid I won't finish my knitted feather & fan afghan before the end of March, which was the HPKCHC deadline.  I've been bringing it to work with me to knit during lunch instead of the headbands and hats I usually make.  It's going soooooo slowly.  Remind me to never knit an afghan again.  It's painful.  I wish I had chosen to do a crocheted one!

I also started one of the assignments for February classes over at HPKCHC.  We have to turn something scary into something not-so-scary.  I wanted to do this really easily, so I'm just making one of my cute Whitney Headbands with pirate skulls fair-asile-d on it in pink and green.  Because pirates are scary, right?  And the pink and green combo is pretty hysterical (I love pink and green together, but not with death skulls, so it's pretty entertaining).

I'll probably just end up selling it in my shop because it's actually turning out pretty cute.

Speaking of headbands, don't forget to enter my contest and possibly win a custom-made Whitney Headband for yourself!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Announcing My First Giveaway - A Custom Whitney Headband!

I know, the title gets me really excited, too :P

As a special Valentine's Day treat for you guys, I've decided to give away a custom version of one of my super-popular Whitney Headbands (example pictured below):

I'd love to make custom headbands for all of you guys, but then my fingers would either fall off or I'd be paying thousands of dollars to fix a severe case of carpal tunnel.  So a contest it is!

I would make the headband in whatever color you'd choose, great because then it can match your pre-existing Winter wardrobe (or be an adorable accessory come Spring).  Believe if or not, the most requested color is cream!  But heck, if you'd want it to be fluorescant yellow, then I'd make it for you in fluorescant yellow.  I've actually been dying to make one in such a bright color, anyway!

Excited?  Cool!  Here's how to enter:
  1. If you're not already a JennyHats Facebook fan, then click here to become one!
  2. Send your name and desired headband color to contests@jennyhats.com.
I will be drawing names on Sunday, February 14th, 2010, and hopefully announcing the winner the following day.  I can't wait to hear from you guys!  And right now, I'm seriously hoping I get entries, haha.
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