Monday, April 16, 2012

beginnings of a knitted beekeeper's quilt

Monday comes but once again.  Yay.  Can you smell my enthusiasm?  It's always hard to get back in the swing of things when you're coming off a fun weekend that blew by way too quickly.

I finished up a couple projects and I had originally planned to post about one of them this morning.  But I got completely obsessed with making little puffs for the Beekeeper's Quilt.

If you haven't heard of it before, you basically knit little hexagons in the round, stuff them, then sew them together.  The result is that of a really adorable, kind-of-oddly-shaped quilt.  The puffs are super quick knits and perfect for throwing in your purse in case you run into some downtime.

Well, I don't know what came over me, but I decided to purchase the pattern on Saturday night.  I didn't have many pending projects and I wanted to work on something fun for me.  The result was a bunch of little puffs I've already finished.  Here are three of them:

I made the little owl puff as an experiment to see if I'd hate my life by doing double-stitch.  I didn't, and I really love how the owl turned out.  If you'd like the free chart, you can click here.

I'm definitely going to be using more charts on some of the puffs.  I found some cute ones for Super Mario Bros that I plan on whipping out sometimes soon, which has Hubby kind of excited - he actually thinks those are cool.  Plus I'll probably make some flowers here and there or a really cute argyle chart I found.  It's going to be a random mix, but that's half the fun.

If you crochet, you don't have to be left out!  There is a crochet version available here.

Be careful - they're highly addicting!  My goal was to make one a day, every day for a year.  I've made five since Saturday night.  Yikes!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

published in pocketchange's "best of web"!

Something exciting happened a few days ago, and it's that this little blog o' mine was published in PocketChange's Best of Web: Style Blogs for the Week!

PocketChange is a shopping blog directory dedicated to helping you find awesome products, tips, gift ideas, hot products, and more.  I am more than thrilled to have been picked as a featured artist.

They've also launched a handy little tips section, so if you're looking for anything from baking tips to planning parties, then definitely make sure to check out their website.

Thanks again to everyone over at PocketChange for finding my blog and letting me be featured on your wonderful site!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

free crochet pattern: no-sew easter/spring basket

Good morning, everyone!  Today, I have an adorable crocheted Spring/Easter basket for you to play with before Easter arrives on Sunday:

It requires no sewing  - aside from weaving in ends (and you don't even have to do that - just stuff the ends into the basket and cover with grass!)

This pattern takes very little time to work up, so they make for great favors at your dinner party.  Put an egg or two inside filled with some treats and you're ready to celebrate.

I hope you enjoy this pattern; definitely let me know if you've made anything out of it because I'd love to see your version! Visit the pattern page on Ravelry to add yours!

Size H8/5mm crochet hook
Yarn needle for weaving in ends


Row 1: Ch 12; Sc in second chain from hook and in next 10 sts; 3 sc's in next ch; sc in next 9 sts on opposite side of chain; 2 scs in last st; join in first sc

Row 2: Ch 1; 2 scs in same st; sc in next 9 sts; 2 sc in next st; sc in next st, 2 sc in next st; sc in next 10 sts; sc in next st; join to first sc

Row 3: Ch 1; sc in same st; 2 dcs in next st; sc in next 10 sts; 2 scs in next st; sc in next 2 sts; 2 scs in next st; sc in next 11 sts; 2 scs in next st; sc in next st; join to first sc

Row 4: Ch 1; sc in same st; 2 scs in next st; sc in next 10 sts; sc in next 4 sts; 2 sc in next st; sc in next 11 sts; 2 scs in next st; sc in next 2 sts; join with a slip
stitch around (behind) first sc

Row 5: Ch 2; Bpdc around; join to top of ch 2

Rows 6-10: Ch 2; *Fpdc, dc* around; join to top of ch 2

Row 11: Ch 1, *Bpsc around*; join to first sc; fasten off


Change colors

Row 12: Working in front loops only of Row 11, join new color with sc;, sc around; join to first sc

Row 13: Ch 2, dc around, join to top of ch 2

Row 14: Ch 2, turn, dc around, join to top of ch 2; DO NOT TURN

Row 15: *Sk 2 sts, 5 dcs in next st, sk 2 sts, sl st in next st* around; join with sl st to first st

Push Rows 12-15 down so that they are arranged like a little blanket in the basket


Vote for my post on homepodge Pick up original color again

Decide where you'd like to place the handles and join oiginal color to any stitch from Row 11 in the back loop; sc in next 2 sts

Rows 16-45: Ch 1, sc aross

Join to 3 back loop sts from Row 11 on opposite side with slip stitch, fasten off

Weave in ends or stuff in basket

Monday, April 2, 2012

custom order: slouchy rainbow ziggy hats

Hi, everyone!  Another week begins, which is sad when you're coming off a great weekend.  But I was able to finish up a few custom orders that I wanted to share with you.

Here are two more slouchy Ziggy rainbow hats, this time using black to separate the rainbow colors:

If you'd like to make your own Ziggy hat (and we're all addicted, so I know you do - just sayin'!), then you can pick up a copy of the pattern by clicking here!
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