Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FO: Blue Knit Baby Sweater

So less than a week later, I'm finished with the baby sweater! Go me! Haha. I'm starting to think I should stick to making kids' stuff, as long as it's not a baby blanket :P But really, I love making these baby sweaters because they're such nice, easy knits.

I wanted to finish the sweater by sewing on some monkey buttons - like, buttons shaped like little monkey faces. I haven't been able to find them (that said, I haven't been able too look too much), but I'd really love to. Not sure I'll have time, though! I just thought they would look really cute on this sweater for the person I'm giving it to.
For more information and photos about this project, visit the ravelry page :)

1 comment:

tiffany said...

Gorgeous!!! Great job! Couldn't wait to get home and check it out after your twitter post lol
First piece of clothing I ever crocheted was a little baby sweater for my niece who just turned one. I had a great time making it, especially because it went so fast! lol Still trying to figure out what to make next...

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